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Diane Sahms on Arts Access TV


Diane Sahms Cafe Improv performance will be featured on Arts Access TV next week!

Friday, March 26 | 6:00-7:00 p.m.
  • Exhibition Tour: Re-materialize by Arthur Ross Gallery
  • The Principles of Hip Hop: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun by Young Audiences Arts for Learning NJ & Eastern PA
  • Cafe Improv 2019 by Diane Sahms
  • Family Tree by Andorra

Video From Cafe Improv !

A Great Time at Café Improv


It was a great crowd at Café Improv in Princeton, New Jersey on Saturday evening. The acts were outstanding and the staff was generous as always. A video will follow in a week or so. g and I had a great time! http://cafeimprov.com/

cafe improv

Photograph by Lynn Irving

Back From Cafe Improv


A great time was had by all on March 25th at Cafe Improv at the Paul Robeson Center. Many thanks to the Cafe Improv crew for their positive energy and artistry. I will post a video of the reading when received.  Next up is the Langhorne Coffee House, Aritists on the Avenue on April 7th.

A Great Evening at Cafe Improv


Watch on Youtube at this link: 


View photographs at this link:


Live at the Cafe Improv 4-27-13 on Youtube

cafe improv 4-27-13 029

Diane Sahms-Guarnieri reading live at Café Improv on 3-27-13

Youtube Link:


Photo from Cafe Improv 4-27-13

cafe improv 4-27-13 029

A great time was had by all at Cafe Improv in Princeton New Jersey last night. I was pleased to perform my poetry in the midst of several musical groups.

For more photos visit:


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