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About Diane Sahms-Guarnieri


Diane Sahms Guarnieri is a Philadelphia Poet. She is a graduate of East Stroudsburg State University and has performed post graduate work at Holy Family University. Diane served as Poet in Residence at Ryerss Museum and Library, (2013-2015). Diane received the AEV grant in poetry for 2013. Diane served as  the Poetry Editor of The Fox Chase Review (2009 –2015), Diane served on the Editorial Board of Philadelphia Stories Magazine (2006-2008), founded and facilitated The Center City Poets Workshop (2006-2011), conducted and facilitated The Tenth Muse Workshop in Delaware and Philadelphia. Diane is currently a contributing editor at North of Oxford

Diane has performed her poetry at venues in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Boston, New York and Virginia.  Her poetry has been published widely in the small and electronic press. Diane’s first collection entitled Images of Being was released in October 2011, her second, Lights Battered Edge was released in October 2015. Her third full length collection of poetry, Night Sweat was released in January 2016.  Diane’s fourth collection, The Handheld Mirror of the Mind was released in 2018 by Kelsay Books. Diane can be contacted at : diane.sahms.guarnieri@gmail.com . Her website can be found here:


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