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Diane Sahms- is a Philadelphia Poet. She is a graduate of East Stroudsburg State University and has performed post graduate work at Holy Family University. Diane served as Poet in Residence at Ryerss Museum and Library, (2013-2015). Diane received the AEV grant in poetry for 2013. Diane served as  the Poetry Editor of The Fox Chase Review (2009 –2015), Diane served on the Editorial Board of Philadelphia Stories Magazine (2006-2008), founded and facilitated The Center City Poets Workshop (2006-2011), conducted and facilitated The Tenth Muse Workshop in Delaware and Philadelphia. Diane is currently a contributing editor at North of Oxford

Diane has performed her poetry at venues in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Boston, New York and Virginia.  Her poetry has been published widely in the small and electronic press. Diane’s first collection entitled Images of Being was released in October 2011, her second, Lights Battered Edge was released in October 2015. Her third full length collection of poetry, Night Sweat was released in January 2016.  Diane’s fourth collection, The Handheld Mirror of the Mind was released in 2018 by Kelsay Books. Covid 19 2020- A Poetic Journal was released by Moonstone Press in 2021, City of Shadow & Light (Philadelphia) was released by Alien Buddha Press in 2022.  Diane can be contacted at : diane.guarnieri@yahoo.com . Her website can be found here:

Photographs – Over the Years 

Diane Sahms-GuarnieriThe Phoenix Reading SeriesAlmost Uptown Poetry Cartel IMG_04662nd saturday poetsmoonstone poetry seriesDiane Sahms-Guarnieri1

Diane Sahms Guarnieri reads at Book Launch 10-15-11 017Diane Sahms-Guarnieri reads at Book Launch 10-15-11 011Diane Sahms-Guarnieri reading at Big Blue Marble 017Diane Sahms-Guarnieri reads at Bollingbroke (2).Bollingbroke reading (2)jan trip 2011 0322nd Saturday Poets 1-21-12Almost Uptown 2 9 12 018Featured Poet Diane-Sahms-Guarnieri at Sprial Bookcase in ManayunkDIANE3The Tenth Muse Poetry Workshop 4-21-12 002Under the Stars Blues and Poetry 0102nd Thursdays Poetry in Bryn Mawr 016Featured Poet Diane Sahms-Guarnieri at Out of the BLueFeatured Poet Diane Sahms-GuarnieriAlmost Uptown 2 9 12 018Diane Author Photo USE THISdianebackyardIMG_0372 (2)monkeysd&G 2017Diane Lucy MaryDiane and gcarlucy prettyg and d bristolg and d york

IMG_1395IMG_1356IMG_1613Ryerss Youth Poetry Contest Reading 006Lancaster Literary Connection Reading 7-25-12 006IMG_3003

025IMG_3638IMG_3988IMG_4103IMG_4133IMG_4253 (1)IMG_4316IMG_4394img_4755img_4785img_4802img_5040img_5094IMG_5159IMG_5207IMG_6190Diane CrushedIMG_0436

8150990821_edd7890e7a_o9281020276_1e480cedcb_o12163342575_950664737f_oDiane and g 3IMG_0338mom mom - mom- maryNational League of American Pen Woman- Diamond State Branchpoet residence 7poet-in-residence-diane-sahms-guarnieriPoets on the Porch 2011Poets on the Porch 2013rev 22273777059_72265799c2_o3007236863_949a1a4334_o3317071505_ffc98920e4_o3344965205_1dbd347c2c_o3474796142_7aee309f38_o3527621153_e6dfac2fff_o3537319591_8161f1f154_o3612378965_a41f87b359_o3634836420_55dfb4154f_o3664412498_720c142c6b_o3722596770_06165929fa_o3755467269_01793188ce_o3812776615_df11873c66_o4272276310_79f32b80fe_o4521286246_afa1db5b58_o4631663077_bf517b8c41_o4848011053_4a1d4c61a6_o5414798349_a6c1d2d9ce_o5429385571_4be41a0398_o5614611167_f0e4aa46e1_o5628869760_66c40f17dd_o5708375439_4e3cce685d_o5945316750_e7050c6568_o7994414946_2f1ed5cc96_o8017724256_9e1925c894_o8039165474_0f12bb4ace_o7648098882_ce2908ea2d_o8101663994_2f08676bbe_o8449915682_dd67c4285a_o8496922983_5a169537f1_o8558061357_e263572759_o8687983957_c9b2960fbe_o8755934088_80b78b815f_o9070338127_93c6ab48d9_o9280934038_aab4ca21c7_o9589463827_d9a1505b01_o9691810318_4c1c2f5d12_o9950330395_f7efd9b976_o9988812286_0a89fe4ab0_o13423313005_156537429c_o13438378703_284cfbcb98_o13524809764_1ea3af5de0_o13805844453_1b01d1b4fb_o13805954075_83b212843f_o13809385405_0a946a2610_o14154894734_3fb0513cb4_o14163211377_f27d43b862_o14645716624_c79cf99337_o14839471082_b7770c5854_o15059257305_729c836da8_o15130491753_3df691b28f_o15685143561_faabb64b04_o16758899989_9120abc65b_o16862531086_0361388c90_odaniel-hoffman-and-diane-sahms-guarnieri1dgDiane at BoyertownFeatured Poet Diane Sahms-Guarnierphoto (38)poet residence 1poet residence 4poet residence 3workshop 2workshop 3workshop 4diane lambertIMG_0501Diane Mudd Puddle

Diane - RobertIMG_0519


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wedding 2wedding 1

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